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We are a professional manufacturer for PPR Pipe Fitting Mold. Like this kind of PPR Tee Pipe Fitting, is designed by a professional technical group in our company. Due to logical structure and material application, we can minimize the production period, optimize machining process, and improve production efficiency.
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Longxin mould was established in 2019, and the original company was founded in 2006. We have been committed to the design and manufacture of pipe fittings mould for more than 15 years. We have special experience in the production of customized plastic fittings. Including sewer and drainage system, drinking water supply, roof drainage system, including PVC / CPVC / PPR / PP / HDPE / etc.

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Eliminate PVC Pipe Fitting Mold Cold Spots

In the production process of PVC pipe fittings, the poor plasticization caused by the material temperature is too low and the injection is insufficient, which is generally called cold spot. The following introduces how to eliminate cold spots on PVC pipe fittings. Elimination of cold spots, cause...

Three cleaning methods for PVC pipes

  No matter which type of pipe needs to be cleaned for a long time, so is the PVC pipe. So in order to make cleaning more convenient for everyone, here are three cleaning products for everyone, I hope everyone will gain.    1. Chemical cleaning: chemical cleaning of PVC pipes is to use ...

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