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PPR Tee Pipe Fitting Mould

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Origin: Taizhou, Zhejiang, China

Brand: PPR mould

Model: PPR Tee Pipe Fitting Mould

Moulding mode: plastic injection mould

Product material: Steel

Products: household goods

Name: China high quality plastic PPR pipe fitting mould

Cavity: 8-16 cavities

Design: 3D or 2D

Runner type: cold runner

Die steel: p20h / 718 / 2316 / 2738, etc

Mould base: LKM, HASCO, DME

Mould life: 500000

Sampling time: 60-90 days

Colors: all colors

Mold production


We do the advantage of pipe fittings mold:

1.The selection of PPR pipe fittings mold steel: these products belong to the appearance of the demand is higher, the product surface requirement highlight luminosity, so the mold material selection is quite important, generally can choose P20, 2316, M340 hard acid proof steel, such as the performance of this two materials is super corrosion resistance, polishing, easily reach the lens polishing effect, after quenching hardness can reach more than 45, better wear resistance, is plastic pipe fittings mold steel.

PPR Tee Pipe Fitting Mould

2. We are professional designers of PPR Pipe Fitting Mould structure, like this PPR Tee Pipe Fitting is designed by a professional designer to create a reasonable structure for you to minimize production cycle and minimize unnecessary machining process to enhance production efficiency.

PPR Tee Pipe Fitting Mould


1. Q: what type mould you can make? A: We are professional manufacturer for making pipe fitting moulds .including material PVC,PPR ,PP ,PE , PS etc .

2. Q: What type of steel do you use? A: Steel Grade:S50C, P20, P20HH, 718H, 2738H, H13, S136,NAK80
Hardness(HRC):17-22, 27-30, 33-37, 33-38, 36-40, 45-52, 48~52, 34-40
etc ,chinese standard and germany standard , Japan standard

Our services

How to pack PVC Tee Pipe Fitting Mould flaring in wooden case:

First  : Daub rust preventive oil on the mould.

Second : We pack the mold with thin plastic film to avoid moisture.

Third : We put this plastic film packed mould in a wooden box, and fix it avoid any movement.

Packing size of wooden case: according to mould size


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